How To Use My Dubstep Essentials Racks!

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How To Use My Dubstep Essentials Racks!


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  • LooZEoNE

    hes giving them away but still will probably use them as tax write off, at least i would. So he needs billing info free or not.

    Hey MOONBOY Ive been diving into Ableton daily for 5 months now i gotta say you’re my favorite YouTube tutor. Ive got serum down for the most part solely because of your “for dummies” vid on repeat i try recreating your sounds for practice. Ive tried other genre besides dubstep but i always end up making a riser lol. It’d be dope if you could make a vid or be more specific on your rack sales i was going to purchase the whole volume pack but the descriptions for the 20$,$40 bass racks look like they do the same things but with a different filter maybe? idk as much as you’ve helped me I’m content but a vid that is more specific about each rack, when to use, instead of an Instagram clip would probably up sales too. Thanks Bro I’m buying a couple racks Dub it down!

  • Heena Tam

    man to download those racks why do i have to put my billing infos??

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