Stepping out of my comfort zone

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Stepping out of my comfort zone

What's up people :)

As you know 99% of my music is all dubstep and I'm at a point now where I want to create something new y'know?

I've been experimenting a lot with crossing genre boundaries, working on new writing styles, and just having fun!

I want to keep the essence of heavy energy but connecting it with other realms of music.. It's taking some time but I've never been happier with what I'm doing.

Even though I'm spending some time experimenting I'm making sure this doesn't delay my current projects or staying active for y'all. So expect music and videos asap! 

if you have any thoughts lmk below :) thanks for listening.


  • Reiss

    No matter what you make man it sounds incredible, you’ve inspired me a lot
    I’m traditional in making dubstep too but when it comes to listening to music I have a huge love for future bass and melodic bass like trivecta and illenium
    Keep doing what you do cause like I said it’s always incredible to see your talent!
    - Reiss (or Promethium)

  • Luke aka ONE DARKSIDE

    I can totally relate man. Except I decided beginning of last year to stop writing edm totally ( which included trance, hardcore and techno and house. Thats when i was like wtf is Trap music?? lol and i had always loved dubstep and Basshouse etc thats when i came across yourself and Crwth. Ive also learnt like Hip Hop, Lofi, Heavy Drum n Bass and lately been combining like Grunge Style Distorted Guitar ( which as of 1 month ago had never used in my music ever… ) but also with DUBSTEP and Drum n Bass and its heaps dope. Love to get your opinion on some of my recent tracks as i know your Totally digging that heavy style Guitar dubstep. I love it now. Anyways if your doing a feedback session let us know, but if your happy to, i can send you the links to a few that i would mean a lot to me to hear your thoughts. Cheers Luke

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