Havok Production Suite

Beta Sample Pack



First Official MOONBOY Production Suite - The highest quality of work I've ever created!

I’ve spent day and night experimenting with new sounds & techniques - aiming to create a whole new library of sounds that have NEVER been done before! 

With the next WAVE of Bass Music in mind, Drum and Bass will be catalyst to EXCITING new music in 2022!

So I’ve created the ultimate collection of High Quality Presets, Tools, & Sounds for Drum & Bass, Dubstep & Bass House!

Not only will owning Havok give you access to tools to make the most INSANE Drum & Bass. It will also help you innovate and create a whole new sound to ANY Genre & Style you create!

Havok contains HUGE library of sounds & presets that will instantly bring a NEW sound & innovate new ideas in your production.

You will find over 2500+ High Quality sounds & loops as well as incredible bonuses! From the most mind-bending Synths Presets to beautiful lush Studio Acapellas, to even FX racks & Hype vocals! There is no limit to what you can create with HAVOK!

Easy drag and drop files to instantly make INSANE drops - fully customizable to make unique and your own!

Featuring a wide variety of styles! Use these on ANY genre for a unique sound you would not find anywhere else!

What's inside Havok Beta Pack?




All these are included FREE and are enough to make an INSANE song of its own!
This is only 5% of what’s inside..
Now imagine what would be possible if you had the entire Production Suite!