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What's included in the $9 High Energy Bundle?

Everything you need to make High Energy, Bass Heavy EDM!

Professionally designed to cut through the mix and spark energy into your productions.

Reverse Engineer, Customize, and combine for unlimited possibilties. 

Designed for any high energy genre, including Dubstep, Trap, Drum & Bass, Midtempo, and more!









Hype Dance Vocals Vol. 1
Apocalypse Bass Collection
Vicious Drums for Dubstep
Nuclear: for Xfer Serum


$540  $9

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5 Packs Included with MOONBOY's 2024 High Energy Bundle

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MOONBOY - Hype Dance Vocals Vol 1.png__PID:5323d423-bc54-4a0c-aa06-a63eda8dfdc8

Hype Dance Vocals Vol. 1

Blood pumping, 100% royalty-free vocals from professional hype-men & rappers in many different styles! Vocal Loops to prepare the audience for the DROP & One Shots guaranteed to add HYPE in your Music!


Apocalypse Bass Collection

Apocalypse is an all-in-one package with everything you need to build your next Heavy Bass track.

Quickly start building dubstep bangers with these samples inspired by the biggest styles in EDM

Viscious Drums Product Box.png__PID:b8326672-a660-4ffc-8fd6-5feaf5768976

Vicious Drums For Dubstep

Having strong & clean drums is one of the most important elements in Bass Music.

Through years of studying heavy bass music I've created the most EPIC heavy drums!

Vicious Drum Samples gives you a full range of Drums to stand out from the crowd and punch through speakers in the most satisfying way!

Simply Drag and drop, and you will have drums that punch through the mix!

Compatible with Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Bass House, Trap & Even Mid-Tempo!

Nuclear PRODUCT BOX.png__PID:8673ad7a-8436-457d-a2e9-199bfa0eb7b0

Nuclear For XFER Serum

Nothing but the Heaviest and Most Explosive Basses, all of which are Extremely Versatile and Fully Customizable!

Designed to crank up your tracks to the Highest Levels of Energy!