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$150 Value!

ASTRAL Production Suite

$2000+ Value!

$2750+ Value!

Official MOONBOY Production Suite - The most powerful collection for heavy & melodic EDM. With the next wave of Electronic Dance Music in mind; I’ve spent countless hours experimenting with new sounds & techniques to create this innovative collection.

100% Royalty Free

ASTRAL Includes 2250+ Presets, Samples, Acapellas, and MORE created by MOONBOY

13 Exclusive Bonuses Included with ASTRAL

Astral - EDM Drops Box.png__PID:8ae08515-f61f-438e-aeac-0d84a9a1180c

Bonus #1

$500 Value!

$500 Value!

Explosive EDM Drops to make the crowd go wild, delivering the ultimate peak-time energy in every beat.

Astral: Project Files & Drop Kits is a production toolkit for electronic dance music producers.

It includes a variety of song kits, each containing everything you need to create your own tracks from scratch.

vortex serum 2 Nick Ortega.png__PID:dd143b9b-6f62-4055-b4d9-157c1a927429

Bonus #2

$150 Value!

$150 Value!

Ground-Breaking Bass & Synth Presets to make your ideas a reality.

Innovative Presets for one of the most powerful Synthesizer Plugins: Xfer Serum.

Over 100 Professional Presets at your fingertips. Powerful Leads, Basses, Pads, and FX that will create energy to your drops & give your melodies & rhythms life

Compatible with Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, All DAWS.

Bonus #3

$300 Value!

$1000 Value!

Exclusive MOONBOY Production Feedback Workshop

Get access to a 4 Week Feedback Workshop with MOONBOY.

1.) Access to Astral Workshop Community.
2.) Weekly In-Depth Personal Feedback from MOONBOY!
3.) Network & Collab with established & aspiring producers in the community.
4.) Showcase your music and get a chance to be featured across MOONBOYs platforms!

One of the most valuable learning experiences you can have is by learning first hand by a mentor.

This is for those interested in jumpstarting their career as an artist. Enrollment to this live course is only included free to the 500 who get Astral.

Powerful Synth & Bass Collections included

Vortex Loops.png__PID:a8429f54-ca74-4bba-98b6-d5766629bea6

Vortex Synth Collection

$150 Value!

$1000 Value!

Fuel your tracks with these professionally crafted Synth & Bass Loops, perfect for any genre craving heavy bass!

This pack covers every aspect for high energy sounds inspired by the biggest synths of Electronic Music.

Wether you’re making hard-hitting Dubstep, Trap, House, or even Techno. These Synths are extremely versatile.

Premium Vocal Collections Included

EUPHORIA NEW Nick Ortega.png__PID:12e96dae-251c-4f0c-bc78-a0ee66863893

Euphoria Acapellas Vol. 2

$300 Value!

$150 Value!

Pure and powerful Vocal Acapellas to elevate your music, spanning from energetic to ethereal.

celestial 3 Nick Ortega.png__PID:38d88626-88cc-4ec8-8ea3-c8b7c50f732f

Celestrial Vocals

$100 Value!

$200 Value!

Captivating Vocals to create infectious hooks that resonate energy in any EDM genre.

Carefully crafted collection of unique vocal chops, perfect for adding a human touch to your tracks. 100% royalty-free and ready to use in your commercial projects.

urban NEW Nick Ortega.png__PID:5cb9b422-40e8-438a-bb5b-a95e7bab183e

Urban: Dance Vocals Vol. 1

$100 Value!

$200 Value!

Electrify your tracks with the vibrant, high-octane energy of urban dance vocals.

Premium Melody Collection Included in Astral

odyssey 3 Nick Ortega.png__PID:ca5532ff-7ef3-498c-8562-6e896c12d488

MIDI Toolkit

$100 Value!

Odyssey: Melodies

$100 Value!

$125 Value!

Intricately designed melodies to breathe life and soul into your tracks across various genres.

Odyssey is an energetic melody sample pack that will take your productions to the next level with unique and high-energy melodies expertly crafted to fit seamlessly into your tracks.

With Styles ranging from intense energy, to Ethereal Worlds, the amount of music you can make is limitless.

odyssey 3 Nick Ortega.png__PID:ca5532ff-7ef3-498c-8562-6e896c12d488

$100 Value!

Odyssey: MIDI 

$100 Value!

$50 Value!

Explore a universe of possibilities with MIDI stems offering intricate harmonies and celestial energy for your musical creations.

Odyssey is an energetic melody MIDI pack that will take your productions to the next level with unique and high-energy melodies expertly crafted to fit seamlessly into your tracks.

With Styles ranging from intense energy, to Ethereal Worlds, the amount of music you can make is limitless.

Sinister Velocity Box.png__PID:b623700e-6c73-40f8-b302-dff59162d9fe

$100 Value!

Velocity & Sinister FX Plugins (Serum FX)

$100 Value!

$200 Value!

Transform your tracks with a collection of SerumFX Presets, designed to morph and sculpt your sounds into auditory gold.

MIDI Toolkit

$100 Value!

Bonus #12

$100 Value!

$100 Value!


I'm giving away an Exclusive ASTRAL Edition USB to the first 50 producers who get a license! These will come loaded with secret samples, presets, & more that only those 50 people will get. Exclusive ASTRAL USBs will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.

$100 Value!

Bonus #13

$100 Value!

$100 Value!

$100 Gift Card 

Get Immediate Access to Any MOONBOY Sample Pack! Use this towards any Product in MOONBOY's Store with no minimum purchase necessary. The Ultimate Value!