Bass Hack | Ableton Rack
Bass Hack | Ableton Rack

Introducing EDM Cheat Codes!

Wouldn't it be sick if you had Cheat Codes to making fire songs? 🔥

Maximize your sounds with these easy drag & drop effects!

Bass Hack is a multi-function Ableton Rack to turn any ordinary bass into a Massive Lead!

Using industry standard techniques, this will take your sound to the next level.


The Power Inside..

Hack: Instantly Maximize any sound to its fullest while remaining clean.

Stereo: Bring clean width to your sound

Warp: Add character to your sound and warp it to another dimension!

Disperse: Add tasteful anomalys to your sound, great for transients!

Clean Freq: Using science, this knob will eq out harsh frequencies the ear perceives

Cut Highs: Quickly cut out low-end so you may add onto it yourself!

Fill BG: Fill the background of your sound! Fill & Bring environment!

Wash: Fade your sound cleanly & quickly create risers!


Compatible with Ableton 10 Suite & 11 Suite // Royalty Free

More coming soon to Ableton & FL Studio


The Power Inside (Before & After)