What makes producing fun to you?

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What makes producing fun to you?

To me, producing is such an amazing outlet to express emotions & energy!

I love hearing new sounds, I love turning seemingly nonsensical noise into art.

I've been experimenting with new ideas and I want to get some inspiration from you for my next projects!

So what keeps you in that chair locked away from the world? Is it remixing video game music? Trying to make people headbang? Or just making the weirdest thing imaginable? LOL

Making a new video based on your comments!

Let me know in the comments below!!


ps. sneak peak of the new studio ;) 



  • :D

    I like the idea of headbanging with a bunch of people.
    NOw if im leading them in the headbanging, that would be awesome.

  • Jake

    I just like getting High as fuck and Then waking up to hear the monster that I have created

  • Oncore

    I like being the center of attention. I’m dork so they would never guess I would be so good at what I do..when your in the small room and the hole club is pushing up on you leaving the mane stage empty. The Sound engineer leans over and says who the fuck is this guy To his friend …i lean in from the decks and extend my hand to shake his and calmly say”hi my name is Ryan nice to meet you”.

  • PHuniii

    the synthesis and being able to make heavy sounds out of nothingness

  • Seer

    Producing is like a second world to me, being able to make music for other people to enjoy brings me happiness! Music has always been fun to make, Experimenting with weird sounds, making remixes, and so much more!

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