What makes producing fun to you?

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What makes producing fun to you?

To me, producing is such an amazing outlet to express emotions & energy!

I love hearing new sounds, I love turning seemingly nonsensical noise into art.

I've been experimenting with new ideas and I want to get some inspiration from you for my next projects!

So what keeps you in that chair locked away from the world? Is it remixing video game music? Trying to make people headbang? Or just making the weirdest thing imaginable? LOL

Making a new video based on your comments!

Let me know in the comments below!!


ps. sneak peak of the new studio ;) 



  • EGSM

    I like making sounds that convey an emotion I’m trying to express and see the message other people get from it

  • Juny

    The Different Sounds And Wubs You Can Make With Production Makes It Fun For Me

  • Gav Hern

    sitting back and smiling at what I made

  • Testing!


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