What makes producing fun to you?

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What makes producing fun to you?

To me, producing is such an amazing outlet to express emotions & energy!

I love hearing new sounds, I love turning seemingly nonsensical noise into art.

I've been experimenting with new ideas and I want to get some inspiration from you for my next projects!

So what keeps you in that chair locked away from the world? Is it remixing video game music? Trying to make people headbang? Or just making the weirdest thing imaginable? LOL

Making a new video based on your comments!

Let me know in the comments below!!


ps. sneak peak of the new studio ;) 



  • Evan Walchak

    The journey is what makes music producing fun for me. Going through the process of putting different instruments together no matter the genre is why I have fun making music. I just like knowing the fact that I’m making something in my lifetime that may impact me in the future.

  • Dylon aka guts

    Heavy ass riddim drops is what i made bit cant seem to make a track bc i suck at it

  • Scylla

    Being able to be unique from everyone else. Having your own unique sound. Making a track that is so different from everyone else. Its the excitement that gets me to make music knowing i’m making someone out there headbang or dance to my music.

  • Montalla

    Sad story time. So I had this GF who introduced me to raves and ever since we broke up I have been making songs to share with people the way I felt with her through music. :’(

  • MrKmKofficial

    What makes producing fun is to make people headbang and head to the hospital with neck pains. But most importantly, I like the feeling of making a song that I feel like I put my tears and sweat into it. People like Moonboy, Excision, the whole Disciple lineup makes me want to push forward and be better than I am than the day before.

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