What makes producing fun to you?

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What makes producing fun to you?

To me, producing is such an amazing outlet to express emotions & energy!

I love hearing new sounds, I love turning seemingly nonsensical noise into art.

I've been experimenting with new ideas and I want to get some inspiration from you for my next projects!

So what keeps you in that chair locked away from the world? Is it remixing video game music? Trying to make people headbang? Or just making the weirdest thing imaginable? LOL

Making a new video based on your comments!

Let me know in the comments below!!


ps. sneak peak of the new studio ;) 




    For me producing let’s me make others feel what I want them to feel, in perspective I produce riddim and heavy dubstep, I want the listener to feel that heavy bass hit them in the face and cause a euphoric feeling

  • Nathan Miller

    The ability to express your creativity and use other people’s tracks to inspire you. :)

  • sleepy_psycho_

    What makes it worth it is everyone’s bass faces when you show them haha

  • Max b

    I just love being able to take an idea from your head and get it on your project, also just learning new things and being able to apply that in different ways is just awesome, like even watching a YouTube video about production ( aka moonboys channel ) can give you endless ideas for new projects.


    few things are as satisfying as making something out of nothing. Also honestly 99% of my best music comes from me messing around and making risers out of dumb shit and just running with it

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